A little late to press, but I thought it would be rude not to write a little review of 2013. To be honest, I’ve been wanting to write a year review for the past two weeks, but haven’t managed to muster up the courage: I just don’t know where to start. 2013 was without doubt … Continue reading

Kate Moss has been made Vogue’s Commissioning Fashion Editor. But is she up to the job?

Today, the fashion world was hit with the new that Kate Moss – perhaps the greatest, if not the most influential model of all time – has been made a commissioning editor at British Vogue. Announced in a statement on the magazine’s website, Editor Alexandra Shulman commented that she will make great use of … Continue reading

The dangers of work-wear etiquette

The other day I made the somewhat catastrophic mistake of wearing a leotard to work. (I had trousers over the top, don’t worry – no Baywatch inspired high-cut legs here.)  Whilst this backless, stretch cotton marvel might have been the perfect sartorial accompaniment for a day stalking the pavements of Brick Lane, it was clear by … Continue reading

So… is this it?

As you may or may not know, I have finally (after just over a year of tears, sweat, and yes even a little bit of blood) secured a proper paid up job at a magazine. But, now that my days as an intern are gone, I can’t help but strangely miss them – in the … Continue reading

Well Heeled: The Power of a Shoe

If you’ve been reading fashion magazines (or, any kind of magazines) of late, I don’t need to tell you that flat shoes have made a return to the sartorial front line. From the A/W catwalks to the streets of London, fashion’s default vertiginous heels are being replaced by sensible, demure slippers. As a high heel … Continue reading

10 Minutes with… Lisa E Moss

This article was originally published on my column on Pillow Magazine. You can see it HERE. 10 Minutes With… Lisa E Moss LISA E Moss is not your average jewellery designer (if such a thing exists). She’s the most gangster jewellery designer we’ve ever met. Pillow Mag’s features girl Ally Lowe caught up with Lisa … Continue reading

Routine Thinking

If there’s one thing about me that annoys my family and friends (more than any of  my other annoying characteristics), it’s my lack of routine. It’s not really something I really notice – being a routine-less person I don’t really ever notice anything – but after it came up in a discussion (well, exasperated argument) … Continue reading

Pink: A Biography

“She’s got pink knickers on!” These mortifying words, said to my eight year old self innocently cartwheeling across the school field, will never leave me. “Why did I have to have the pink ones on today?” I thought, wishing I’d opted for neutral lemon yellow or pale dolphin blue. Needless to say, any pink items … Continue reading

The Demise of Teen Magazines. Is it a Question of Sex?

This month, British Vogue launched Miss Vogue, a new title aimed at its younger readers. Editor Alexandra Shulman said of the new publication: ‘targeted at younger readers specifically, its remit is the same: to inspire even if you’re a bit short on cash.’  This is certainly true- whilst Vogue is a high-end, aspirational magazine aimed at … Continue reading

Reviewed. Dawn O’Porter: Paper Aeroplanes

Dawn O’Porter’s first novel, Paper Aeroplanes was released yesterday. I am sure I’m not alone in my unending love for Dawn Porter. Or, Dawn O’Porter as I should now call her (Dawn changed her name after her marriage to Chris O’Dowd). Dawn is perhaps best known for her hard-hitting documentaries. Through my late teens, I devoured her … Continue reading