I’ve finally started a new blog…

Hello everyone.

After much deliberation, both mental and verbal, I have finally clicked the button and started   a new, personal blog.

As you may know, I currently write for thedailytouch.com and pillowmagazine.com. Therefore, it seems high time that I start my own blog. If you like, this blog will be something of a hub for my writing, and inevitably something of a diary for the whirlwind that is my life in general.

Hopefully, this blog can expand on what I already write about: namely, fashion and beauty. But what I want to add is more of a personal twist; less of a corporate veil and more of what is going on inside my head. As a child, I was an avid diary writer. Every night without fail i would fill the little A5 page with black ballpoint scribbles- so, occasionally, I might slip in a little autobiographical piece. Emotional blubbering will be kept to a minimum, I promise.

That’s all for now. Please do follow me, or ask me any questions on twitter (@ally_lowe). I like to talk.

Ally x


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