The Daily Touch: Winter Party Make Up

Morning everyone.

Today’s article, this time for The Daily Touch, is all about getting the perfect make up look for those upcoming Christmas partys.

Take a look here:

I’ve divided the article up into three easy-to-read sections: eyes, cheeks and lips. My personal favourite has to be the cheeks though. I am a hardcore bronzing fan at heart, but every morning have been trying to forgoe the tan and put my brush in the blusher pot instead. Much more natural: I think it could be a tip I read in an interview with Pat McGrath. I have the perfect Winter night out coming up on Friday where I may well brave the metallic eye look: I’ll keep you posted with its success level…

I’m also a big fan of the top image of the Burberry Autumn/ Winter 2012 catwalk, with the lovely Cara Delevingne visible at the front even from a distance. If ever there was inspiration to give up the tweezers, it is her.

Love Cara.

Right, now I’m off to consume half my body weight in hot tea before braving the outside…

Ally x


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