After reading an advert in an un-named free London newspaper, I discovered

Today I’m Wearing aims to be perhaps the ultimate hub for street style. The way it works is you upload a picture of, quite simply, what you are wearing today. It has a feature that allows you to tag where each item is from and select your occasion and mood.You can then receive ‘love’ from other members by way of pushing a little heart button, and give out love yourself for other deserving ensembles.

The site also includes celebrity style, and some outfits are awarded a coveted ‘Editor’s Pick’ badge of honour.

So, I decided to try it out for myself. And what better picture to use than my cover photo for this blog. After 2 days, I have received a magical 54 hearts and am currently somehow 17th on the ‘Most Loved’ page. A charming lady even asked me where my cardi was from. An ego boost if nothing else!


All in all, Today I’m Wearing is a fun way to spend a lunch break, and can be perfect if you need that little bit of outfit inspiration in a morning wardrobe rut.

Happy uploading!




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