Why is Kate Middleton the Biggest Icon of Our Age?

Evening lovely people.

As I have had a slack-day of blogging today (compared to my mind-boggling output yesterday where my fingers barely left the keyboard), I thought I would share with you an article of mine published a couple of months ago on The Daily Touch.

With the recent announcement of Kate’s bun in the oven, this assessment of her iconic status in the fashion world, has renewed relevance.

I can’t be the only one thrilled with excitement of what her maternity wardrobe will hold…

Why is Kate Middleton the Biggest Icon of Our Age?

Kate Middleton. Future Queen, beautiful woman, icon. She receives more tabloid inches than any other, has countless dedicated blogs, and is universally loved. She really is the heroine of the twenty-first century. Her rise to worldwide fame has of course left every inch of her style open to scrutiny. When she buys from the Great British high street, it sells out within a matter of hours. Her immaculately groomed look with perfect girl-next-door skin and a trademark bouncy blow-dry has revolutionised the beauty world. Even a Kate Middleton App has been released, analysing her looks down to her nail varnish. And, I can’t be the only one dreaming of her gracing the cover of Vogue.

Kate in the Solomon Islands this summer

Kate in the Solomon Islands this summer

So, let’s take a look at how Kate has revolutionised British style…

1. She made good girls sexy.

Kate is the epitome of a good British girl. Never seen in anything too low or too short, she demonstrates how you can still be smoking hot without flashing the flesh. Her outfit when she and Wills announced their engagement is the perfect example of how it’s never been hotter to be demure. The stunning long sleeved Issa dress, showing the perfect amount of décolletage


2. She brought back good grooming.

After a couple of decades of grunge headed by Kate Moss (perhaps K-Middy’s closest style rival), Kate’s perfectly styled hair and simple make-up is a really refreshing change. Her make-up is kept simple and polished: a good base of foundation, pink blusher and a slick of neutral gloss or lipstick, making her a true English rose. Her thick brows contribute to the brow revolution we’ve seen in the last few years- gone are the days of pencil thin (or, God forbid, pencilled on) brows. During the day, Kate keeps her hair natural yet polished. For evening events, she often sports a beautiful up-do; favouring plaits, twists, and a slightly raising crown. Note her iconic look at the BOA Olympic Concert in THAT Jenny Packham dress.


3. She showed us that less is more.

Let’s take Kate’s wedding look as an example here. A simple half-up half-down hairstyle showcases her assets. Indeed, Kate is the master of letting her natural beauty shine through. Rumour has it that she even applied her own make-up for the Big Day. The long-sleeves of her dress (a royal wedding obligation) worked perfectly in lace: understated glamour at its best.

4. She loves the high street.

In a world of horrifically priced designer clothes that could make any student’s credit card begin to quake, finding a style icon who loves Zara as much as I do is something to cherish. Kate favours the likes of Jaeger and Reiss. A dress from the latter; worn to meet the Obamas, sold out within a matter of hours and crashed the brand’s website. Fashion power or what?

The iconic Jenny Packham dress

The iconic Jenny Packham dress

5. She’s a realistic style icon.

Let’s be honest, not every regular girl can emulate the likes of Anna Della Russo and Lady Gaga on a regular basis. But Kate, stomping the pavements of Britain in her nude LK Bennet courts, wears styles that we can work too. Furthermore, way back when Kate first emerged into the public eye, she was regularly spotted in jeans, long tops and a pash. Her style evolution over the years, quite frankly, gives us all hope that we too will blossom into style swans in the years after graduation.


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