Why I Love My Onesie

Morning everyone.

It’s Christmas Eve, and let’s face it, we’re going to have a wet Christmas not a white one. So, I thought an appropriate article to share with you today would be one that’s all about onesies.

This article was originally published by The Daily Touch, and is my most successful piece for the site to date.



It’s cold, dark and rainy outside. And you’re feeling cold, dark and rainy inside. You’re inevitably in a bad mood; a 2.2 on an essay, only cereal left in the kitchen, you’re boyfriend has spoken to that girl you hate… or a combination of all three. And that’s when you know, it’s that time again. Onesie time.

When no other clothes will do, onesies are the holy grail of comfort and functionality. Baggy, snuggly, and definitely not fussy, everyone should have a onesie in their wardrobe. After all, whether you’re feeling down, feeling fat, or quite simply wanting to embrace the fact that you’re staying in on a Friday night with a bottle of Blossom Hill and a chicken korma, what could be better than dressing up as a giant baby? When Louis Walsh’s face on the TV is the closest thing you’re getting to a hot date that night, a giant all-in-one fleecy suit is more than ideal.

If Bridget Jones had lived in 2012, she would have had a wardrobe full of them, ready to pull out at every heart-wrenching, ballad-playing moment (that’s every day then). But, the best thing about the onesie, is that the least Bridget-like of celebs love them too: even Cheryl Cole and Rihanna have been papped working the all-in-one. Truly they are a wonder of the clothing world.

Even Chezza loves a onesie... from 3.1 Philip Lim, ofcourse

Even Chezza loves a onesie… from 3.1 Philip Lim, of course.

Perhaps the most multi-functional item of clothing you could buy, the onesie seemingly enhances life in all situations. Wearing a onesie the morning after a big night out makes a hangover feel positively regal. Lounging around in those days of Uni first term when you quite honestly, Mum, have no work to do? The onesie will not only hide a multitude of student sins, but will wrap them lovingly in a layer of zip up fleece. Living in a student house inevitably means scrimping and saving on fuel bills to such an extent that you can see your breath in the air whilst INSIDE- allow the onesie to help you through these hard, almost Dickensian times. In fact, the onesie can even work well on a night out. Zoo and Noah’s Ark themes become a doddle, and you won’t need to spend all day on your bedroom floor surrounded by cardboard boxes, fake fur and PVA glue. Quite simply, what’s not to love?

So, the question remains- where can you get your hands on stand-out onesies for the new term?


The best onesies I have ever found are from a Japanese brand called Kigu (www.kigu.co.uk). I am the proud of the owner of the Corgi onesie, and with a five star ‘snuggle factor’, it is everything I could ever dream for in an item of clothing. Affectionately named as my ‘grumble suit’, my Kigu cheers me up when I’m feeling more than a little grouchy. With an amazing variety of animals including a kangaroo with its own cuddly joey in the pouch, there is something for everyone at Kigu. The quality is amazing, making their onesies more than worth their £39.99 price tag. The crotch is so low that you could be mistaken for MC Hammer, but that’s all part of the fun. One size fits all- this could be dangerous- as soon as your friends see you in a Kigu, everyone will want to borrow it…

For cheap one pieces that are less fluffy and more like a baby-grow, head to Primark. Cheap and cheerful as always, a Primark onesie is ideal for a themed night out. And at around £8, you won’t mind spilling punch down the front. But, be warned- there will be plenty of identical animals in your pack. A night out at Tiger Tiger could become more literal than you ever imagined.



If you’re a guy, opting for the onesie may not seem an obvious choice. In fairness, the pictures of Joey Essex sporting a reindeer onesie will probably never leave my nightmares, but a manly onesie CAN be done. OnePiece onesies (www.onepiece.com) are a classic that you’re sure to encounter in any University dining hall. Prefer something a little less cliché? the-all-in-one-company.co.uk let you create your own unique onesie! You can choose from a vast range of fabrics and patterns. A bit pricey at £70.49, but still cheaper than OnePiece at a credit-card shattering £119.

Onesies are a fashion marvel; a fail-safe for comfort, and most of all, they are fun. Fashion snobs need not apply. And that is why I love my onesie.


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