Style Icon: Clemence Poesy

Today I’ve been brooding over a little obsession with French fashion. This is an obsession that has come and gone for a few years now. There’s just something about French women- their timeless style, chic simple beauty and masterful handling of simple shapes and colours. Any obsession like this obviously requires a style crush. This … Continue reading

February Shopping List.

In true Ally style, my pay cheque has gone through, and I’ve already planned how to spend it. However (and this is a big however), I have just promised myself that I will no longer be wasting my money on cheap things I don’t need. Difficult. So, as a change, I will be justifying the … Continue reading

Recession Fashion: 3 Months and no Purchases

This morning as I settled down with a brew and slid my February Vogue out from its shiny red band, one cover line in particular attracted my attention. ‘Cool Customer. Making the most of your fashion budget.’ I turned straight to the page. Emily Sheffield’s fantastic feature discusses one of my constant traumas and dilemmas: … Continue reading

Yearning for the Sun…

Driving home from work today, it started snowing again. Now, I am not one to be a Grinch. Quite the contrary, in fact- I’ve spent most of the day bouncing around like Tigger. Snow was fun when I was a child and it gave me an opportunity to get off triple maths. But, that all … Continue reading

A Few Snowy Snaps

Evening everyone. Firstly- huge apologies for the lack of blog action in the last week! My magazine placement is now sadly over, so I will be back and blogging as usual! I had a wonderful week at Bliss magazine embracing my inner 15 year old, and still wish I was there! A full report is, … Continue reading

The Daily Touch: A Guide to Looking Good in your Smalls

Morning everyone. I am currently sat right in the middle of a magazine office (all will be revealed at the weekend). snaffling some blog time in my lunch hour! Just a quick post today to share a new article for The Daily Touch with you. I put together ‘Underwear: A Guide to Looking Good in … Continue reading

The Daily Touch: The Ultimate Foundation Guide

Evening everyone! As the weather forecasters threaten us with snow (please no!), finding that perfect foundation may not be the first thing on your mind tonight I will admit. However, I am always a sucker for a bit of make up, and in my 21 short years have bought up a fair amount what my … Continue reading

Kate’s Portrait and the Purpose of the Royal Picture

Yesterday, The Duchess of Cambridge’s first royal portrait was revealed by The National Portrait Gallery. I will keep my opinions on the painting brief and to the point. I don’t like it. Obviously there is no denying Emsley’s technical skill in creating this super-realist work. But, it’s drab. It’s dreary, dark, and quite frankly disappointing. … Continue reading

Vorticism: The pinnacle of the English Avant-Garde?

Rarely exhibited, Vorticism is something of a forgotten movement. Wyndham-Lewis, ‘Workshop’, 1914-15 To be honest, if it hadn’t been for my History of Art degree, I wouldn’t know anything about Vorticism. Even then, it was crammed into a two hour session somewhere in the middle of third year, slotted neatly between the monumental movements of … Continue reading

Giuseppe Penone at The Whitechapel Gallery: Reviewed

Yesterday was my first venture to the Whitechapel Gallery. After receiving a National Art Pass for Christmas, I am determined to pack in as many new and exciting exhibitions in as I possibly can. A short tube ride away from Mile End (home of the boyfriend) and literally three steps from the entrance of Aldgate … Continue reading