February Shopping List.

In true Ally style, my pay cheque has gone through, and I’ve already planned how to spend it. However (and this is a big however), I have just promised myself that I will no longer be wasting my money on cheap things I don’t need. Difficult. So, as a change, I will be justifying the items on my shopping list to all of you. Here we go…

february shopping list

Starting from the top left…

Chloe Susanna Boots. Perhaps a bold move considering I am not a billionaire, but I have wanted these boots for a long, long time. If I don’t buy anything else this month, I may just buy these…

Asos Scarf Print Dress, £30. My reasoning behind this dress is that it is the perfect transitional item between Winter and Summer, mostly owing to its midi length. I also have the perfect shoes to go with it (black suede Zara heeled ankle boots).

Asos Stained Glass Print Blazer, £24. Ok, so this one is a bargain, but there is no denying my wardrobe has a print blazer shaped gap in it.

Topshop Burgundy Heels, £68. Perfect to wear with jeans during the day to smarten things up. Most of my heels are too spiky and going-outy, so a pair of day heels is a must-buy.

A Plain White Tee. Cotton, plain, goes with anything. I am tempted to purchase the most expensive one my wallet can afford.

Mango Leather Collar Coat, £49.99. After my Primark coat error, I still need a good quality smart coat after surviving off my Barbour for all of Winter. And the amazing reduction just cannot be ignored.

Pull and Bear Leopard Coat, £19.99. I know it’s another cheapy, but this bold coat manages to stay classic with its incredible cut.

Topshop Orange Jumper, £36. I just love it, and know it will add an amazing edge to the plainest of emsembles.

Whistles Black Jeans, £80. These are exactly the kind of investment I was talking about. Will last forever.

Cos Jumper, £30. A cracking reduction on a forever jumper. Will go with any of the other items on this list.

Carvela Black Ankle Boots, £130. The perfect height, and plain but not too plain. I really, REALLY want these.

I’ll let you know how many of these I give in to.



One Response to “February Shopping List.”
  1. alysonlowe says:

    I’ve just bought the Cos jumper in under an hour….. x

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