Style Icon: Millie Mackintosh

Unfortunately, today, I am sad, tired and ill. Fortunately, however, this means I can watch daytime re-runs of Made In Chelsea completely guilt-free. How about that for a silver lining?

As is the norm, I cannot go for too long without having blog-related thoughts. Right now, I am having a massive, disproportionate style crush on Millie Mackintosh. Compared the the other MIC girls, Millie just seems to always get it right. She’s always preened and polished (unlike the sometimes scruffy Caggie), and doesn’t wear too much white (step forward Kimberly). So, after endless googling and searching, to dig into just what it is that makes Millie’s style so perfect, I have uncovered my favourite looks…

kimberly style crush 1


millie mackintosh style 3

millie mackintosh style 4

millie mackintosh style 5

The trickiest part about Millie’s style is, quite simple, that she is loaded. As documented on her website, about 90% of what she wears is very high end. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the heir to Quality Street. But, there are clever, sneaky ways you can emulate Millie’s polished look for yourself without her blowout budget and no doubt endless ‘presents’ from designers.

1. Invest in good quality knee high boots– one brown pair, one black pair. These will lift your outfit and give you a lux look. They may be expensive, but remember, boots are one of the items you will wear the most…

2. Buy a few great brimmed hats. Millie is a sucker for a floppy hate, and they are a great way of making your look stand out.

3. Polished hair and make up are crucial. Ever seen Ms Mackintosh looking less than perfect? No, me neither.

4. Wear one embellished or pattered piece with every outfit.

Here are my favourite picks for emulating Millie’s style:

millie mackintosh style

Two-tone coat, Jeans and Embellished Boots: Miss Selfridge, Knee High Boots: Chloe Green for Topshop, Hat: American Apparel, Leather skirt: Monki, Embellished Clutch Bag: Matthew Williamson, Fur Collar Coat: Missguided.




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