Pillow Magazine: Hot New Jewellery Designers

silver-rabbit-bangle cabbage white

A few weeks ago (maybe more like a month ago now, time is flying already!), I went to the Top Drawer fair at Earl’s Court. It was mostly for a weekend wander, but also to scout out some new and unheard of brands for a new feature. As predicted, Top Drawer didn’t disappoint, and I found stall after stall of amazing jewellery, accessories and homewear.

What caught my eye most, was the incredible selection of jewellery. Tilley and Grace, Cabbage White London and Rheanna Lingham all stood out from among the crowd with ingenious design, great presentation and, very importantly, lovely PR staff.

My personal absolute favourite was Cabbage White England’s stunning silver rabbit charm bangle. I have had a long-time love for the bunny world, and still ask for a rabbit every Christmas, although to no avail for the last seventeen years. Convenientely it is also stocked at a little boutique a couple of miles down the road in the next village- I think a little lunchtime treat is in order…

So, what better way to celebrate my new found favourites than with an article for Pillow Magazine, I thought to myself.

Read all about it HERE

In the meanwhile, I’ll get back to compiling my wish list and persuading the bf- it is nearly Valentine’s Day after all…




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