The coast, the cold, and a cafe.

Today to celebrate my mid-week day off, Phil and I took a little trip to Rye.

I don’t go to Rye enough. It’s the perfect little harbour town, and more importantly, it’s a mere 10 minutes drive. There are only about two or three chain shops- the rest are independently owned boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Sadly, the weather today is UNBELIEVABLY cold. Cold to the point that when we got back into the car to head home, our joints were aching. I know it is February, so what should I expect, but seriously it was ARCTIC.

We stopped off in my favourite feeding hole, The Apothecary for some much needed food to numb the bite of the cold.




It looks sunny in this photo. It wasn’t.

Hat, Necklace and Jeans: Zara. Jacket: Barbour (mens). Jumper: Cos. Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Co.



Rings: Gifts from Phil and my friends.



Shoes: Officerye4Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Co.




But who is Clive…?


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