Bag Carrying Etiquette

Something is afoot in the fashion world. Or, should I say, ahand. As ever, Victoria Beckham was the first to do it. But now it’s grown, a regular feature of Fashion Week both on and off the catwalk. Worst of all? It’s coming to get YOU.

You’ve got it- bag carrying. Somehow, out of nowhere, a trend for abandoning a handbag’s straps and, instead, clasping it to your hips in a rather primal fashion, has arrived.

victoria-beckham-covers-elle-uk-march-2013-06Take a look at exhibit A- Posh protectively grasping her bag. Know what I mean now?

In case you’re thinking this is a sole incident, (maybe the strap broke? Maybe she’s hiding a miniature pooch in there?) take a look at exhibit B below…

Awesome-Victoria-Beckham-2013-Street-Style-at-LondonIt would seem that Mrs Beckham’s latest trend for holding her handbag like a baby is by no means an accident.

We have long been told that the way we carry our bags speaks volumes about who we are; how we’re feeling; where we are off to. Victoria is a lifelong fan of the giant, grossly over-sized bags which swap her tiny frame. Maybe this latest vogue is yet another attempt to look impossibly thin?

Or maybe it’s a smart piece of self-promotion. We must remember Victoria is no longer merely a WAG: she’s a fully fledged fashion designer with critically acclaimed collections storming the runways of New York Fashion Week. And guess what- the models in her Autumn Winter collection were carrying their bags ‘underarm style’ too.

Victoria Beckham, RTW Collection, Fall Winter 2013, New York

Her Autumn Winter 2013 collection (which was, incidentally, stunning) stays true to Victoria’s own slick, streamlined style. Every single outfit was like a future vision of what she will be wearing in a year’s time.

Hugging the handbags lets them take centre stage, highlighting them as the VIP of the outfit. Small bags need not apply- in order for the underarm carry to work, there needs to be a bit of weight behind the leather.

It seems Victoria has rather cleverly developed something of a trademark, aligning herself with her own collection. Less dictatorial than a design feature, yet more noticeable than a certain style of accessory of garment, the underarm bag carry is merely a suggestion; a nod to her styling preferences. But I wonder how many women lining the streets of Paris, Milan, London and New York will, come Autumn, be porting their handbags around town in a similar fashion.

Not that it isn’t already catching on. I’ll leave you with the image of Kate Moss in the latest Givenchy campaign…


Images: Just Perez, Now Fashion and Givenchy.

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  1. Jo Arvanitis says:

    Just love this article. One of the best!

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