March Wish List

As ever, my salary is burning a hole in my bank account, and a new wish list has been compiled…

march wish list

I will now try and justify my selections…

1. Two-tone dress, £45, Zara. I love the fresh, chic simplicity of this dress. It would also be ideal for the LK Bennett fashion show I am attending on Thursday night…

2. Blue slipper pumps, £50, Zara. I spy a sellout item- the geometric pattern is to die for, and as we all know, flats are the new heels. Snaffle them up before someone else does!

3. Leather shopper bag, Zara. Yet another from Zara, I know, but their Spring/ Summer collection is just SO good. This back would be ideal for perfecting my VB bag hug (see previous post).

4. Jourdan Dunn t shirt, Black Score. Perhaps the biggest hit item of fashion week, Black Score have the most amazing range of goofy spoof t shirts- well worth taking a look.

5. Plain button back t shirt, Reiss. Yes, I am still on the hunt for the perfect great quality white t shirt. No, I still haven’t found it yet. I will head off and try this one on pronto, hopefully to some avail…

6. Fiorelli Orange Tote Bag, £80. I fell in love with this bright orange bag (much brighter in real life than it is in the image) when I saw it in Fenwicks on my last shopping excursion. I don’t really need it, but sure as hell do I want it.

7. Orange leather slippers, Zara. I’m having a thing for orange at the moment, that’s all I’ll say. These pumps would look fabulous with the two-tone dress…

8. Rib jumper, Cos, £59. After buying my first chunky jumper from Cos last month, I have lived in it for approximately the last 30 days. Another one would be a fantastic wardrobe addition.

I’ll let you know of any progress made… I’m heading to London tomorrow so damage is bound to occur!


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