A Psychic Experience


On Friday last week, I did something I have never done. Despite always wanting to, I’d always been too scared.  Mind out of the gutter please, it’s nothing like that…

Last week, I was lucky enough to have my palms read by one of the UK’s top psychics. Before you say ‘how can you be a ‘top’ psychic?’, don’t worry, I asked her. ‘Well, I’m just always right’ was the answer I received. You can’t say fairer than that I guess. She has in fact been featured on Sky Tv and Radio 5 Live giving psychic readings: a professional.

I’ve never exactly been a fanatic about these kind of psychic things,  but I wouldn’t say I was a skeptic either. If anything, I was probably a little bit nervous and/or terrified. The prospect of someone I didn’t know actually being able to read into my past, and, moreover, predict my future, is a bit scary. I think it’s fair to say my palms were sweating more than just a little (lovely).

To back-track slightly, I should probably explain how I found myself in this psychic situation. It was a Friday afternoon at the office, and I got a phonecall from reception informing me that ‘Charlotte the psychic’ was here. Obviously my first response was ‘who?’ Charlotte was actually visiting the office on a PR call, promoting new film Evil Dead. My task for this rather balmy afternoon was to look after Charlotte whilst she did some psychic predictions for the other girls in the office.

I waited and waited as palms were read and tarot cards were turned. Just to add to the drama of this whole encounter, I was the last person to be seen. How typical.

I don’t want to reveal everything that was said, as some of it is slightly on the personal side, but what I will say, is that I was gobsmacked at the things she knew.

‘You were made to play the piano at a young age, then gave it up as you didn’t like it, didn’t you?’ Yes.

‘You really like animals, especially dogs. When you see a dog it makes your day.’ Yes, again.

‘You’ve trained as a dancer, but it was never really a career.’ Yes.

‘There’s farming in your background. Is it your father?’ How on earth she knew this, I really do not know.

In other news, I will apparently have three children, and marry young after making the decision to strongly commit to one person. I guess only time will tell.

I know it is very easy to pass everything off as lucky guesses, and I will be the first to admit that I’m not 100% convinced whether this is real or just rubbish. But, nonetheless, it was a fascinating experience that really made me question who I am and what I am really like on the inside. When I asked if she had any advice for me, she said to ‘balance my emotions’. Oh, and take Vitamin D and B12 supplements. Some of it was pretty cryptic, but some of it was spookily accurate.

I’m very much undecided as to the power of psychics, but I would definitely recommend going to see one, if just for the fun of the experience. A lot of the girls, like me, were nervous to the point of extreme palm perspiration, but there really is nothing to be afraid of.

One thing I would say, is that I now understand how psychics can become addictive. As soon as I went back into the office, I looked up Charlotte, and seriously considered making another visit for a second reading. I guess in many ways, psychics give you something to live off and to hope for. My life isn’t the most certain of places, so the security of a psychic reading was very attractive. The danger would only come if you try and live to their predictions. How very Macbeth.

If anyone is interested, this is Charlotte’s page: http://www.clairvoyantlondon.com/


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