Kate Moss has been made Vogue’s Commissioning Fashion Editor. But is she up to the job?

vogue kate mossToday, the fashion world was hit with the new that Kate Moss – perhaps the greatest, if not the most influential model of all time – has been made a commissioning editor at British Vogue. Announced in a statement on the magazine’s website Vogue.co.uk, Editor Alexandra Shulman commented that she will make great use of Kate’s ‘undoubtedly brilliant sense of style, depth of fashion knowledge and understanding of what makes a wonderful image.’

Coming from the inside perspective from which I stand, I always smell a rat when a magazine does something out-of-the-ordinary like this. Sure, Kate Moss has appeared on 33 British Vogue covers, and even as her career has progressed, her appearance in its glossy pages has never waned, but let’s get this straight: she has zero experience of working at a magazine. This is a big move from the media executives in Vogue House.

Understandably, Kate’s appointment will have caused a stir amongst the fashionistas who flock to the newsagents each month to hand over their £4 in exchange for a tome of style commandments and inspiration. On the one hand, it’s a brilliant PR move from Conde Nast. Kate has always been nothing if not controversial – if you type her name into Google, the highest ranking search is still ‘Kate Moss drugs’. And that’s not to mention the waif years of ‘heroin chic’ in the 90s. It’s got everyone talking about the magazine again; after all, I’m writing this, aren’t I?

Kate’s face is synonymous with Vogue; her understated, nonchalant chic seems to be bred within her, and sartorially speaking she can do no wrong. She has maintained her position as top-dog model for decades, and ranks second on the models.com ‘money list’. All this, and she hasn’t ‘lowered’ herself to the commercial modelling ranks (I’m looking at Victoria’s Secret, in case you hadn’t guessed).

Her look is unique; she’s perhaps one of the few women who women want to be, and men want to be with. Her presence is notably missing from the same website’s ‘top sexiest’ countdown. But, whilst this incomparable charisma of character by all means warrants her stack of cover appearances, does it really warrant an elevation to the magazine’s masthead, too?

Let’s not forget that this isn’t Kate’s first venture outside of the model-sphere. It was announced just last week that she has re-kindled her flame with Arcadia boss Philip Green, and will be working on new collections for Topshop as of next year. And, of course, there was her perfume range, and her accessories line for Carphone Warehouse – the less said about that last one, the better.

Does Kate really deserve to be an editor at Vogue? I haven’t quite decided yet. As the announcement went on to say, she will be choosing her own models and photographers. So, she will essentially just continue to be Kate Moss, just under the powerhouse title that is Vogue.

My verdict? A strong move from Conde Nast. Vogue has a loyal set of readers, both old and young, yet a headline-hitting story like this will work wonders for keeping what can be sometimes viewed as a slightly antiquated title as fresh and young.


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