The Daily Touch: I’m Meeting the Parents what the hell do I wear?!

Just when I thought I could sit back and relax (haha), I found another new article I need to tell you about! Today’s release, for The Daily Touch, is all about what to wear when meeting the parents for the first time. Christmas last year was the time I first met my boyfriend’s parents, and … Continue reading

The Daily Touch: The Unfashionable Fashion Writer

Morning everyone (yes it is still just about morning!) New post out for The Daily Touch a couple of days ago: ‘The Unfashionable Fashion Writer’. It’s a bit of a confessional/ autobiographical piece this time, where I pretty much admit that I was by no means the most fashionable lady on the University campus. Take … Continue reading

The Daily Touch: ‘Skincare The Lowdown’

Morning everyone Just a quick one this morning to say that I have a new article out for The Daily Touch, ‘Skincare: The Lowdown’. The whole idea for the article came when a friend messaged me in desperate need of some skincare solutions. So, I put my hunting skills to the test and scouted out … Continue reading

The Daily Touch: Winter Party Make Up

Morning everyone. Today’s article, this time for The Daily Touch, is all about getting the perfect make up look for those upcoming Christmas partys. Take a look here: I’ve divided the article up into three easy-to-read sections: eyes, cheeks and lips. My personal favourite has to be the cheeks though. I am a hardcore bronzing … Continue reading

A lucky day

For once, today seems to have been a lucky day. But I won’t rant on about my past misfortune- I’ll focus on the good.. Firstly, I found out that next week I will be attending the press preview of the new ‘Unexpected Pleasures’ exhibition at the Design Museum. The exhibition will take a look at … Continue reading